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Who says project time tracking can't be free and simple ?

SoFreakingBoring helps you make project boring tasks not so boring

About SoFreakingBoring

One day, I was looking for an affordable and simple project time tracking software to replace our old Excel spreadsheets. I found a lot of gorgeous collaboration and agile project management software, most of them inspired by Basecamp. I also found several boring and bloated software. None of them allowed us to easily track project time.

This day, SoFreakingBoring was born. Its main goal was to replace spreadsheets for project time tracking. And its secondary goal was to remain simple and free.

SoFreakingBoring is an open source project written in rails and that you can find on github.

So give it a try.


Project Dashboard

Your dashboard displays the health and status of each of your projects in gorgeous charts and tables. Know your project and your team progress at a glance.

Project Planning

Our user-friendly project planner lets you build new tasks, assign resources and monitor progress. You have the choice between two views : an agile like board or a more traditional grid.

Time Tracking

Timesheets allow your team members to input time spent and time remaining. The data is updated automatically across project dashboards, reports.

Status Reporting

Choose your reporting timeframe and view the report. And if you want to manipulate all your data in a spreadsheet, just export your project in xlsx format.

Contact us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions for new features, or to just say hello!

[email protected]